One size does NOT fit all.

If I’ve learned anything as a nutrition coach, it is that every single person is a unique snowflake.

No, but seriously.

There is no blanket approach to a person’s health! Sure you can put someone’s data into a macro calculator but that sure as hell doesn’t mean that it will be effective in reaching their desired goals.

There are numerous strategies for improving gut health, but when gut issues can encompass anything from SIBO to Fructose Malabsorption to IBS to parasites to rosacea to past antibiotic use to INSERT VAST VARIETY OF GUT ISSUES HERE- then there is no green powder or probiotic that is going to fix every single person.

So what do we do?

We take our time. We practice patience. We start somewhere and we collect data as we go along.

That’s why a nutrition coach is the new PT. We are here to not only give you a program to follow, but we are there week by week helping you to implement the program and then give you adjustments along the way for optimum results.

Nutrition coaching is not just about accountability (although that is a major perk) - it is about reading the data provided and making adjustments to your future goals, macros, nutrition, and direction.

When it comes to macros, you simply cannot say that a person of x age and x height needs to be eating 1700 calories per day to lose a pound a week. Our bodies are unfortunately not a maths equation.

I need to take into account your energy expenditure and choice of exercise, your sleep habits, your gut health, hormonal health, emotional health, nutrition density and food choices, your stress levels and stress management. Gosh it can be anything from resilience and mental health to how many kids you are chasing around every day and whether you have time to meal prep!

When it comes to your gut health, it can be the tiniest shift in nutrition that can help enormously. What you need to know is that just because your favorite influencer purports a new protein powder to have fixed all of their gut issues - does NOT mean that it will fix you!

Remember: you are a unique snowflake.

And that’s why I love my job! Never a dull moment that’s for sure.

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